Through the 2019 Primary and on to the November Election

In Abington Township, the biggest contested race was for school board, where nine candidates, all of whom cross-filed, ran for five open spots in each party. I want to thank everyone who lent me a hand or their ear while on the campaign trail. We share common goals and concerns as a community. Without […]

Clearing the Air: Love Lives Here

It has come to my attention that a small radical group has been attempting to defame my character online. The group, who will remain nameless, is asserting that a Constitution event I attended on November 17th 2018 was actually a rally promoting hate. This is very easily disproven. The entire event was live-streamed and can […]

Abington Students have artwork featured at Abington Art Center

Come see our Abington School District students’ artwork now on display at the Abington Art Center through May 31. We decided to take check out the exhibit this evening and I’ve decided to share some of my favorite Student exhibits below. You can learn more about the exhibit here. Be sure to check out their website […]

Should School start later?

The CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics, and some School districts in Pennsylvania all seem to be in agreement – delaying start time for schools yields a remarkable improvement in students’ academics. The American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes insufficient sleep in adolescents as an important public health issue that significantly affects the health and safety, as […]

McKinley Elementary School Celebrates World Autism Awareness Day

In recognition of World Autism Awareness Day, celebrated every year on April 2, McKinley Elementary School hosted its annual Autism Event in the school gymnasium for students with autism, their families and peers. The event consisted of sensory-friendly, hands-on activities for the students with autism, which are specially designed to celebrate their differences in sensory […]

Educator pleads that Schools need to “Teach kids how not to be Offended”

I came across this interesting read in the last week which makes the case that students today are too easily offended. Professor Irshad Manji makes the case that, “while more and more schools are teaching young people how not to be offensive, they also need to be teaching a new generation how not to be […]

Abington Janitor performs Heimlich to save young girl’s life

Mr O’Hannon is a great man of strong moral character who wasted no time to help a girl who was choking at lunch. He performed the Heimlich maneuver which successfully cleared the obstruction. Thank you Mr O’Hannon for everything that you do. You’re a true inspiration to all of us.

Case of Mumps suspected at Abington High School

Parents, please be aware there is a potential case of the mumps at Abington High School which prompted the Principal to send a letter out Thursday. The note reads that: “a child showing symptoms should be excluded from group settings for at least five days. The principal also asks parents to confirm their child is […]

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