Should School start later?

The CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics, and some School districts in Pennsylvania all seem to be in agreement – delaying start time for schools yields a remarkable improvement in students’ academics. The American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes insufficient sleep in adolescents as an important public health issue that significantly affects the health and safety, as […]

Case of Mumps suspected at Abington High School

Parents, please be aware there is a potential case of the mumps at Abington High School which prompted the Principal to send a letter out Thursday. The note reads that: “a child showing symptoms should be excluded from group settings for at least five days. The principal also asks parents to confirm their child is […]

See something; Say something: Ensuring our children are safe the second they leave for school

Like many of you, my morning routine involves reading the local area news alongside my cup of coffee. This morning I was greeted with a disturbing headline, Intruder at Wissahickon High School. Not the kind of headline any parent ever wants to read, let alone experience. The intruder, a twenty year old male wearing a […]

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