About me

Hello! My name is Vico Bertogli III. I’m a 27 year old senior application developer and I’ve been a lifelong resident of Southeast Pennsylvania. I grew up in the Kennett Square area of Chester County, which is known as the Mushroom capital of the world. I’ve lived in Rockledge for four years and have worked in Montgomery county for nearly five.

My career began when I discovered that I had an affinity for programming in Middle School. Soon I began seeking out resources on how to make software and websites. It wasn’t until High School where I could take classes to help boost my skillset in technology. Before eleventh grade, I only did pro-bono work on small projects while after that I began working on freelance projects.

The first website I ever made professionally was done as a volunteer opportunity. This was a content which I applied to do through my school and was the finalist chosen to work with the Martin Luther King, Jr. CommUNITY Advocates of Kennett Square. I attended community meetings and events to understand the needs of the group and worked closely with its members to develop a professional website.

I attended university in Philadelphia, received numerous awards & honors, and earned my Bachelors of Science with a focus in Web technologies and interactive media.

You’re probably wondering, why I would want to get involved in politics? The answer is actually pretty straightforward; transparency. More than anything, increased transparency and public knowledge has been a defining issue for me as long as I took an interest in public service and politics. I never understood why so many backroom deals were made in public institutions when we pay with our tax dollars to run them! It seems as though some elected officials have their own interests above those of their constituents. That bothered me. So, I began reaching out to local activist organizations to volunteer where I could and offer my services pro-bono where I could make the biggest difference.

This is the reason why I’ve chosen to run for the Abington School Board. I’m disappointed in Amy Sichel and the current School Board and so is their own party because of the way they handled the Schwarzman donation to the school district. Residents were blindsided by the demands, which were shoehorned in less than half an hour before a public school board meeting. That’s the opposite of transparency and an embarrassment to our community. Abington residents should not have to find out about major changes from the Philadelphia Inquirer before their own school district informs them. It’s insulting. Regardless of whether Schwarzman’s requirements were innocuous or not – the community should have a chance to give input much earlier in the process and certainly should not be apologized for. The school board and previous superintendent showed how disconnected they were from us, which is why I felt obligated to step in.

To the Abington community and the Parent’s of our school district – I promise you increased transparency and a voice for all if I’m elected. We have a serious trust issue right now between the community and school board which I hope to help mend through action. I want the best possible future for every one of our students, but it’s all of our responsibility to ensure it. With my decade of experience in the technology field, I’m uniquely qualified to help develop a curriculum to help teach our children technological skills that meet the demands of our future workforce.

My professional background can also increase transparency within the district. We should use available tools for everyone in the community to participate in the discussions and decisions that affect our children every day.

In summary, I’m a concerned citizen successfully employed in the technology sector hoping to make a difference where I live and to be able to give my future children the best education possible. Thank you for taking the time to consider me and my campaign for Abington School Board.

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