We’re less than a month from November 5th!

I wanted to first take this opportunity to let my supporters and the community know that we are less than a month away from our election on November 5th. Please make all the necessary arrangements as needed.

For those who plan to vote by Absentee Ballot, please ensure that you’ve given yourself enough time to send the ballot out so that it is received no later than October 29th at 5 pm. To learn more about the Absentee Ballot process, please take a look at the State’s website.

Since it’s been a little while since my last campaign site update, I thought I’d take the opportunity to recap some of the community events I’ve had the privilege to attend.

Glenside Fourth of July Parade

ATRO together before the Fourth of July parade kicked off

This event was incredible and widely attended. The community came out in full force to celebrate our Great Nation as only Glenside can. Many had weather concerns as we saw rain clouds in the distance, but in the end, we couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon.

Glenside Patriotic Association hosts the Air Force Heritage Band

After leaving the Glenside Fourth of July parade, we decided to head right over to the Abington High School for the night’s performance. It took no time at all before the Air Force Heritage Band was set up and we were enjoying their performance. There were many moving tributes and songs that we had the honor to listen to, before ultimately being treated with a fireworks show to round out the evening.

Rockledge Fourth of July Parade

Over in my neck of the woods, Rockledge Borough hosts our own Fourth of July parade that I was lucky enough to be able to attend as well. This parade is a bit smaller than the Glenside parade but just as patriotic.

Abington Night Out

I had the honor of attending the Abington Night Out in the Target Parking lot in early August. The event was heavily attended and featured many different groups and vendors. Local Police and Firemen were also in attendance, demonstrating equipment to interested parents and children.

Rosyln Car Show

The Roslyn car show was such a fun and informative event. I spoke to many residents about many different topics, but many were interested to discuss the STEM program changes the district is implementing and my opinion on the topic.

Rockledge Car Show

The Rockledge Car show had a huge turnout – with estimates between ten and twenty thousand throughout the day. Many were residents of Rockledge and Abington, with some neighbors crossing the border from Philadelphia to attend. The Residents of Rockledge were ecstatic to see somebody running from the Borough for School Board.

A fun fact for those of you that don’t know, Rockledge Borough used to have its own School District until around 1980!

NAACP Unity Day

The following Saturday I headed over to Ward 5 for the Willow Grove NAACP’s Unity Day celebrations organized by President Valerie Ward. Valerie is always such a gracious host, she made sure the event went smoothly and everyone had a fun time. I was able to speak with many residents about their concerns surrounding the district.

Rockledge German-American Parade

Nothing says German-American like some lederhosen, lager, and schnitzel! This is always an incredibly fun event that starts with a parade around noon followed by German-American music, festivities, and fun.

Keswick Village Fall Festival

If you haven’t realized it yet, Glenside knows how to hold an event! The Glenside Fall Festival was no exception. The streets were filled from noon until the end with friends, neighbors, food, vendors, and live music. The weather was exactly what you’d imagine when you think of fall.

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