Announcing my intention to run for Abington School board

With this announcement I am officially declaring my intention to run for a seat on the Abington school board. I came to this decision after a lot of thought around the current state of affairs within the district.

The community stood up and spoke out against the horse-and-pony show the current board and previous superintendent treated their constituents to, and now it’s my turn to stand up and speak out on behalf of those same constituents. Keeping the community in the dark around the Schwarzman donation and his laundry list of demands is no way to hold public office. Public servants should pride themselves in transparency, communication, and community betterment. The current school board and previous superintendent failed to meet these minimal standards for office, and as a result the superintendent has retired and the members on the school board who are up for re-election have not received endorsements from their party.

My pledge to the district is clear – I will work to restore trust in our school board. This isn’t something that will happen overnight or instantaneously, but I hope that with time the community will come to feel their faith in the board restored. I’ll work hard towards increased transparency within all significant decisions so that the community doesn’t have to find out about major news from, or another news outlet. My technology background and industry experience will ensure that we use modern solutions to help bridge the communicative gap that exists between the board and the community.

I hope that I can count on your support through my campaign because the only way we win this and fix what isn’t working with the board, is together.

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