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My name is Vico Bertogli III, I’m twenty-seven years old, and I’m running for a seat on the Abington School Board. I’m currently employed as a Senior Application Developer with a ten-year-plus technology background.

I’m running because of the current Abington School Board’s poor handling of Mr. Schwarzman’s generous donation in 2018.

They failed to involve the community and keep them informed. Many parents and residents found out AFTER the deal was approved, and were forced to stand up and speak out once it was public knowledge.

Vico Bertogli III


I’m uniquely positioned to help prepare our children for the technological jobs of tomorrow.  I bring with me over ten years of experience working in the technology sector and am currently employed as a Senior Software Developer.

With my industry knowledge, I can ensure our children are prepared for the demands of tomorrow.


The most important goal for me is to restore the community’s trust in this School Board which was lost in 2018.

The community is right to not trust the sitting school board members.  The fact that their party chose not to endorse or support their re-elections speak volumes.


In order to restore trust in this body, we must ensure full transparency on all major decisions moving forward.  Our Parents and Constituents should not be forced to find out about major school changes second-hand.

With my background in technology, I believe that I can offer modern solutions to age-old problems.

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Public comments from residents in aftermath of the Schwarzman donation

I’m still really emotional about anyone changing our name without our consent.
Help me understand how you can make such a monumental decision without even asking.


Gwen Vance

1980 Abington High graduate

Naming opportunities are not at all unusual. That often comes with a large gift. But usually, those are gifts to private institutions, not to public, government-funded institutions like a school district.


Aaron Dorfman

President and CEO of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was all done without considering how bad it was going to look to outsiders.  This is a public school district. This is not Yale.


Maria Di Mento

Staff writer and expert on big philanthropic donations at the Chronicle of Philanthropy

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